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Bénédicte Shutsha – “Zéro”

    Bénédicte Shutsha, the protégé of Papa Wemba embarks on the adventure in the title “Zero”.

    Pure product of the legendary orchestra “Viva la Musica” of the late Papa Wemba that she is known. The young Congolese Bénédicte Shutsha starts in the famous orchestra aboard as a dancer for 17 years. Before going to the microphone, or she will act as a chorister, 9 years.

    Much appreciated by the village leader Molokai, Papa Wemba, the beautiful Bénédicte is even nicknamed by her mentor: the diva. Following the brutal death of her spiritual father (who died in the midst of the Femua 2016 in Abidjan), she decided to take control of her destiny.

    Always claiming to be a member of Viva la Musica, the artist from Kin resolutely embarks on the musical thing. She is ambitious, she wants to go far. Bénédicte Shutsha has just been released, two new singles made between kinshasa and Abidjan, that are: “Zero” and “Mets aside”.

    Sung in lingala and tétéla these two singles give in modern folk-tradi style and cut stagger.

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