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Clip Bill Clinton Kalonji « Boss IBRA »

    The artist Musician Bill Clinton Kalonji returns with this title with a completely different clip, inlaid, with lots of special effects.

    Clip directed by Christian Wami for TeamWork Congo.

    Bill Clinton: a talent, a style, a reference, a career.

    «Nsengo Ku Dibende », « Cheval blanc », « Spone Mackintosh », « Monseigneur », « Bill Clinton », « Nécessaire », « L’homme de la nécromancie », etc.

    All these pseudonyms are attached to him by his admirers, amazed by his artistic performances. Didier Kalonji, since it is about him, cut a lot in the art of the animation, as regards the Congolese music. For a few years now, he has been riding in the sphere of Congolese celebrities, positioning himself as leader of a new musical generation, the “5th generation”.

    Bill Clinton is the patron of the orchestra “Marquis de Samouraï”, after a brilliant career in the groups “Wenge Musica Maison Mère” and “Marquis de Maison Mère”

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