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Advertising Rawbank Illicocash – 01 (2017)

    Advertising Rawbank – Illicocash – 01 (2017) 

    by Christian Wami for TeamWork Congo.

    Check your accounts at any time
    You no longer have to wait for your account statement or move to an agency (Rawbank).
    You access in real time, and in a completely secure way, to all your accounts to know the balance or find your last transactions.

    Open an account instantly
    From your application, in a few steps, become a Illico Cash customer with current accounts in USD and CDF, free of charge.

    Make bank transfers
    Transfer money between your RAWBANK or third party accounts in seconds.

    Send money easily and securely
    Reimbursing a friend or sending money to the family? No need for cash. They do not even need an account at RAWBANK. You can send money to anyone with a simple phone number.

    Withdraw money without a credit card
    You have received money on your phone and want to dispose of it? Simply visit any of the 150 RAWBANK Distributors to quickly and easily remove your money without even having a card.

    Reload your phone’s credit
    Charge your phone units directly from your app without cash or moving.

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