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Adertising 8.6 DRC (2016)

    Advertising 8.6 DRC 2016 by Christian Wami for TeamWork Congo

    A beer in his own way. It’s not a craft beer – and it’s certainly not a lager!

    At once intense and easy to drink, 8.6 is brewed with integrity by Bavaria, an independent brewer who combines real ingredients with long-standing expertise.

    The 8.6 is like men who drink it: strong, genuine and confident. Its intense taste makes it the ideal beer to fuel your inner spark. Feel lighted Think of it as your reward for a hard day’s work – not for relaxing – but for re-lighting and re-lighting.

    Easy to drink hard to forget

    For nearly 20 years, the family of 8.6 beers satisfy the thirst of strong men who want an intense taste and a rich flavor. Brewed with independence and integrity from real ingredients, each is easy to drink with a name that is hard to forget. Not familiar with our beers? Then it’s time to meet the 8.6 family.

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